WTF is traction?

“Where are you on traction,” is one sure question you will be asked if you are talking about your start-up project to someone. What is traction? Unfortunately, there is no real objective measure. Traction can simply mean showing that you’re making progress with customers, product development, channel partners, initial revenue as a proof point, attracting… Continue reading WTF is traction?

Startup early traction: Crossword puzzle

This crossword puzzle is about how some of the big startups got their early users. All the startups are big names today (see the answer pool below) and it is hard to believe in many situations as to what they did to get their early traction. All the information used in this crossword is based… Continue reading Startup early traction: Crossword puzzle

Customer Developement

This blog article is based on the 3 Things This Week’s edition dated 30th August 2018. The theme of this edition is “customer development”. Today when you can get any data about your customers—from which websites they spend the most time on to whether they use Android or Apple—picking up the phone or traveling to… Continue reading Customer Developement

When do you incorporate your startup?

You will find this funny question that is asked on Quara often – “I want to start a business. How do I register my company?” It’s funny because when you are just in the beginning stage, registering your company or incorporating your company is the last thing you think about. So, when do you really… Continue reading When do you incorporate your startup?

What do I do when people around me doubt my business idea?

You get a brilliant idea to build that app! As you think more about it, the more you are convinced that this is going to be a game changer. What do you do next? You bounce this idea with some people around you to check their reaction. They could be your friends or colleagues or… Continue reading What do I do when people around me doubt my business idea?

How much time do you need to get to Product-Market Fit in B2B?

Imagine you start a B2B business, get to Product-Market fit within the first 3 months, and like an Instagram, a WhatsApp or a Pinterest, business growth explodes in just 12 months. Sounds good? In B2B businesses, it takes time to interview customers, build a MVP, validate a need and get to Product-Market fit. And usually,… Continue reading How much time do you need to get to Product-Market Fit in B2B?