6 Different ways to make use of a customer case study

8. how to use a casestudy

Most B2B companies have one or more case studies in use.  The power of the case study is simple to understand.  There can’t be anything else more persuasive than reading how a company has helped someone just like you. And helped them so much, they’ll sign up to tell the world about it.

Case studies are versatile and can be used in more than one way.  Six major ways in which you can use a case study are –

On your website

Ideally, your case studies can be accessible directly on your homepage, with some popup option based on the prospect’s interest. Or, at least you can try to place it in a way that prospect  can find it within 2 or 3 clicks.  You can feature your case studies on your homepage or any other page with higher traffic.  Case study on your website can help you capture leads by placing it behind a marketing form and including a CTA.

With a sales team

Your sales team is the front line of the company.  They can add many ways to increase sharing of case study among prospects. Your r sales team can add links to relevant case studies in their email signature.

Social media

You can  share your case study on relevant social media including  Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also  use social ads to drive traffic to the case studies.

At conferences and events

A nicely designed printed case study document catches attention. You can hand them out at events, tradeshows or speaking engagements.


You can do a press release  of your case study , if  your clients is ok for it. You can also pitch your case study to relevant media companies, who may like to feature your client.  Media stories will also help boost your search engine ranking.

Within the client’s network

You can ask your customer to share the case study with their network. Since this is a jointly created content, the customer will be happy boost it.

How do you decide on where to use a case study? In an early stage (upto product-market fit), you want to keep overhead at a minimum and managing multiple channels creates overhead.

The guiding factors as to where to use a case study would be the stage of your business building and of course your target audience.


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