The 3 Things This Week, 25th January 2018


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As you know, “The 3 Things This Week” is a free, short, curated list of useful articles, tools and other resources for building startup businesses. These 3 things would deal, in a random way, with different aspects of startup building – validation, traction, growth, funding, team, founders.

Here are this week’s 3 things!

Thing # 1:  95 Ways to find your first customers for customer development or your first sale  by Jason Evanish

8You can have the best idea in the world, but until you find someone besides yourself that wants it, it’s not really a business.  To find those people, here are 95 ways to find your first set of users, as listed by Jason Evanish. All of us have been using most of these tactical options, you may be surprised to note a few new ideas on that list too.

Thing # 2:  “Turn The Ship Around”    by Jason Fried


Turn the Ship Around! is the true story of how the Santa Fe skyrocketed from worst to first in the fleet by challenging the U.S. Navy’s traditional leader-follower approach. Struggling against his own instincts to take control, he instead achieved the vastly more powerful model of giving control. Before long, each member of Marquet’s crew became a leader and assumed responsibility for everything he did, from clerical tasks to crucial combat decisions. The crew became fully engaged, contributing their full intellectual capacity every day, and the Santa Fe started winning awards and promoting a highly disproportionate number of officers to submarine command.

An inspiring reading that turns our understanding on a “Leadership” upside down – there is a new meaning to “leadership”, as a way to give control rather than t0aking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers.

“A must” reading if you are building your startup team.

Thing # 3:  What’s Working Now in Internet Marketing (2018 Edition) by Marisa Murgatroyd


Whether you have an online business, a service business, a coaching business, or an offline business that uses the internet to get new customers, the rules of the game are changing… and they’re changing FAST. Savvy customers are demanding a greater level of market sophistication, accountability and high-touch support. While some of the trends talked about in this article may seem discouraging on the surface, others are setting the stage for significant growth in 2018.  Get those insights from Marisa Murgatroyd if you want to be a super boss in 2018 when it comes to your online business.


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