Find a pain worth your time


I get so many questions on Quora and I’m truly flattered that so many of aspiring entrepreneurs ask my opinion and ask for my help.

I’ve always been very happy to offer my thoughts on all aspects of starting up and how to go about how pain point is the starting point of a new business and how to get started from there. However, my schedule has become increasingly busy this the past few weeks and as such, I just don’t get as much time as I would like to answer every question in Quora in as much detail as I would like.

So I’ve put together a short course for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This is going to be an online training resource for wannabe founders, aspiring entrepreneurs,  people looking to do some side hustle projects, and student entrepreneurs or even first-time startup founders who have just started. I really hope it will become an invaluable one-stop site for learning and improving every aspect of your pain point, the starting point for a new business.

Probably the most common question I’ve been asked is  ‘How do I know if the pain point is worth my time to work on?’

So in response to all the questions and indeed so that I don’t let any of you down by not replying fully to a question I’ve created an online course called “Find a pain point that is worth your time” which is going to teach you, well how to get going when you want to startup!

So, click on this link  and you get started right away.

In this course, you will learn how to spot a pain point worth engaging with and in the process you’ll also discover if your new business idea is indeed worth working on before you start building your product.

Doing a sound foundation leads to building products that would work.




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