The 3 Things This Week : 22nd February, 2018


Happy Thursday!

How are you doing this week?

Here are this week’s 3 things!

This week’s theme is blockchain technology. There are lots of development happening in this area in past few days. These 3 things on the subject would not possibly give some clarity on the situation with regard to trading. But the focus is on what to expect from this new technology when it comes to startups and new opportunities.

Thing # 1:  The Blockchain and Us


The Wright brothers invented the airplane in 1903. When they flew it for the first time nobody could have predicted that one day there would be over 500,000 people traveling by air at any given moment in time. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and the blockchain. His invention made it possible to send money around the globe without the intervention of banks, governments, or any other intermediaries.

Much like the Wright brothers, Satochi solved a problem that had been previously deemed unsolvable. Whenever this happens what usually follows is a lot of inspiration and innovation as minds are opened to see the future from a totally different perspective.

How long will it take before this becomes the norm and before many of the tasks that were previously handled by individuals and institutions become fully automated? Some experts suggest that it could all happen within a decade or two. Watch this now.

Thing # 2:  Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble


Steven Johnson has penned a long and wonderful piece in New York Times Magazine, in the recent days, exploring what lies beyond the speculative market in crypto tokens.

One interesting perspective explained here is about the blockchain as the architectural breakthrough that we need to move beyond the current Internet market dominated by a few large tech companies.  After all, it was not just the antitrust division of the Department of  Justice that challenged Microsoft’s monopoly power in the 1990s; it was also the emergence of new software and hardware — the web, open-source software, and Apple products — that helped undermine Microsoft’s dominant position.  The blockchain evangelists behind platforms like Ethereum believe that a comparable array of advances in software, cryptography, and distributed systems has the ability to tackle today’s digital problems: the corrosive incentives of online advertising; the quasi-monopolies of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.  Read this long article to get the sense of this perspective and how it will change the game for the new businesses and startups who use digital marketing channels.

Thing # 3Is Crypto the Future of Early Stage Funding?


A lot of people in the crypto sector have suggested that ICOs and tokens are the future of early-stage investing and highly disruptive to venture capital.

Watch this video from the Upfront Conference 2018, where VCs and other investors discuss why that may not be the case. And also, find out how things would really pan out in this direction.


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