Register Now: Founders Companion Program – Idea to MVP



There are many new developments happening at Climb Lean School of Starting Up and you should hear about a few new courses and a webinar that will be of some help to boost your work in building new business.

But, there is this one thing that I am quite excited to work on, and it is that thing that I wanted to get to you right away ..

Founders struggle to move from ideas to startups, at the right time. Sometimes ideas remain ideas for way too long. At other times they become startups prematurely, without validation. Running experiments is the missing step. It’s a distinct unit or phase of work. Running the right experiments is hard for many. In an environment where the problem is not known and its solution too is not known, product development is no simpler.  Lean startup process helps you in validating and invalidating your assumptions as quickly as possible through small, inexpensive experiments, to discover and deliver what people want. It favors experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and iterative design over traditional “big design up front” development. Lean startup principles prescribe to build something just enough to test the critical assumption, run tests and gather data – through a learn-build-test loop.

So, my question is, how are you progressing on moving from idea to MVP and beyond?

If you have indeed progressed well or if you are happy with the progress you are making, you can safely ignore the rest of this email and delete it and forget about it forever.

But, if you are looking for better results, this email is for you.

We just got into an act of putting together a new Founders Companion Program – Idea to MVP …

The companion program will give you everything that it takes for you to take your journey from idea to MVP, and beyond.

What is happening currently is the content of the program is being fine-tuned, though the outline of this content based on the current thinking is out there. We will be happy to have your words on including any new topics or area that you don’t see.

In fact, the new companion program is launched and is open for a pre-launch registration.

You can register for the program here.

Register Now: Founder Companion Program – Idea to MVP

The current offer price offer is at a 50% discount to the price after the launch of the program.

If getting your idea into reality faster and efficient way is what you desire, explore the new companion.

So, click here and check it out.

Do write back if you have any questions in this regard.

To your success,



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