What questions are you asking prospects in an MVP experiment?

mvp questions.jpg


In most of the cases, a landing page is one type of MVP that you use when you are working on a project, more so, if you happen to be non-techie.

If you are into coding, there is a greater chance that you are not satisfied with just a simple landing page and there is a great chance that you would build in some back-end system that delivers some version of the core solution.

In either of the situation, your task does not end there, but actually, the real work starts from there, once you start receiving interest by prospects signing up.

The number of people who sign up on your landing page or for the offering does indicate some validation or invalidation. But, you are building a new product, just a validation (or invalidation) is not a sufficient base to devise your further plans. You want to know more about these prospects and more so about “whys” of their actions or inactions.

I put these questions into two groups:

Customer situation

How important for you is to solve the problem?  Why?

How have you already tried to solve the problem before?  How?

How long have you been trying to address the problem?

What were the challenges in the other alternatives that were tried?

What do you miss if you do not find a solution that solves this problem?

Are there, in your perspective, ways that could help solve it?

Do you expect this problem to improve, worsen or stay the same in the near future? Why?

Solution fit

[Walk them through the problems you believe your solution solves.] What do you think of this product?

Listen for both compliments and criticisms. The best case scenario is they say how much they love it and ask how much it costs.

What do you like most about the product?

This may help you prioritize your product roadmap or sales copy.

What do you dislike most about the product?

What could be improved about the product?

How could your experience be improved?

What’s the hardest part about using the product?

What feature(s) do you wish the product had?

What features do you wish were removed from the product?

What would make you motivated to recommend the product to a friend or colleague?

Key takeaway

Your goal in an MVP experiment is to validate that your product or service is seen as a viable solution to the customer’s problem and is viewed as being of value. In addition, you want to gain insights to help you build the best product possible. And the only way this can happen is the conversation with prospects who sign up.


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