Startup traction channel: Offline events



This blog article is based on the 3 Things This Week’s edition dated 7th June 2018. The theme of this edition is “Offline events”, one of the somewhat difficult, yet simple channels for startups!


Sponsoring or running offline events – from small meetups to large conferences – can be a primary way to get traction.

Such events are especially important when your target customers do not respond well to online advertising or do not have a natural place to congregate online. Offline events are particularly effective for startups with long sales cycles, as is often the case with enterprise software.

Conferences are the biggest and most popular type of offline event. Launching at a conference has been a successful phase I conference tactic. If there isn’t a conference that directly brings together your target customers, consider starting your own. You can test this channel by attending a couple conferences or hosting a few smaller meetups or a one-day mini-conference. Throwing parties, either alongside conferences or across many cities, is another successful strategy to attract and reward prospective customers. Similarly, meetups can be a scalable tactic to build local in cities around the world.

Here are the 3 things this week about offline events.

Thing # 1: What Hosting A House Party Can Teach You About Building Community: Online and Offline

We love hosting events and many of us always had a bit of a knack and love for bringing people together. This interesting article decodes this as it applies to a community for a startup.  These communities are some versions of the interactions we’re all used to in everyday social life – Parties, meet-ups, one-on-ones, concerts, communication, etc… Learn this from a great analog helpful when it comes to explaining how to build an authentic community. In short, treat your community just like you would a social gathering in real life. Here are some tips on the lines of WikiHow’s guide to hosting a good party.

Thing # 2: Three P’s Of Offline Events — Planning, Promoting, Preparing 

Irrespective of whether you have a factory or an e-commerce website, one of the best ways to build an appreciable network of customers is by organizing events. Events are to the corporate world what holidays are to families — you know your people are out there, but it’s only during the holidays that you actually bond with them and have any intimate contact whatsoever.  Find out from this guide on how to go about planning, promoting, and preparing your event.

Thing # 3:  Next Generation Startup Mashups Makes Offline Events Smart

It is impossible to accurately measure engagement levels for offline events like trade shows and business conferences. You really don’t have any accurate measurements for the offline event. The only thing one could get is the generic attendee count, and photos of the booth, and estimates of people that visited the booth. Ensight is an offline event analytics platform that enables event organizers to measure the offline activity of attendees. Ensight gives event organizers and event sponsors the power to track the flow of visitors. It works like website analytics. You can measure unique visitors, visit duration, and return visits. The technology behind Ensight is based on Bluetooth Low Energy modules that are attached to visitor badges that sends signals to receiver beacons and a cloud based analytics engine that crunches the data in real time.  Read this interview of the founder of a startup that has built Ensight.


I would be happy to know how you have used this traction channel for your business and if you have some lessons to share with fellow entrepreneurs.











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