Startup traction channel: Offline advertising

offline ads


This blog article is based on the 3 Things This Week’s edition dated 21st June 2018. The theme of this edition is “offline ads”, one of the traction channels popularly used by many startups!

There are many kinds of offline ads – TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, billboards, and direct mail. All of these can be utilized at almost any scale, from local campaigns to national ones. They are used by billion-dollar brands like Wal-Mart and by local teens looking for babysitting gigs. Even today, advertisers spend more on offline ads then they do on online. Offline ads can be easy to test. For as little as $ 300, you can put out a radio ad in a market you’re targeting and see how it performs. Billboards are the same way: you can buy space on one for a few hundred bucks a month, or rent one in a more prime location for many thousands.

Clearly, there are lots of ways to take advantage of offline advertising. There are also a lot of variables that can impact its performance. The branding potential, cost, impact, and flexibility of this channel make it a really strong one to consider when looking at how to get traction in later phases.

There are many types of offline ads – including TV, infomercials, radio, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, billboards, direct mail – and most can work in any product phase. Target audience demographics can vary widely per advertising medium, so search for audiences that match your target customers. You can run cheap tests by first targeting local markets, and then scale up to regional or national if warranted. Use unique codes or web addresses to track the effectiveness of different offline ad campaigns.

Here are this week’s 3 things:

Thing # 1: Going offline: Old school advertising and networking strategies you should actually adopt

The old school advertising is alive and well, and perhaps even better than ever. The results of these traditional methods generate can be pretty surprising, especially since they can cost less per impression than more tech-savvy forms of advertising. Advertising through mailers, coupons, and lead buying, for instance, are all still hugely beneficial marketing options for any business, whether you prefer to use good old-fashioned snail mail or online sales funnels. What’s really interesting to consider, though, is that old-school stamp-and-send mailers still tend to perform better than web campaigns, despite all the hype about moving your business online. If you want to explore advertising strategies that include phone calls, traditional mailers, promotions and giveaways, radio, print ads and loyalty programs;  read this article to get ideas.

Thing #2: A Definitive Guide to Using Branded Links to Track Your Offline Marketing Campaigns

URLs are essential for online marketing campaigns, but they’re just as useful offline. The popularity of online marketing doesn’t make offline useless. There are many tactics you can use “in the real world” to engage with your consumers. Your offline marketing could include anything from business cards, t-shirts, banners, billboards, newspapers, magazines, fliers, radio, car wraps or even tattoos. By including custom short links within these materials, you’ll be adding a ton of value. Apart from having links that are pronounceable and memorable, they are also measurable, meaning you’ll be able to track your efforts that much better. Learn on how to actually track the Success of an Offline Campaign in this article.

Thing #3: Offline advertising mantras for startups

A decent online marketing strategy is essential for a brand to get noticed. However, digital marketing is not the only way to muster customer attention. There are potent offline advertising strategies that give better brand recognition and consumer response. If you haven’t considered taking up offline marketing, give a boost to your startup with five mantras in this article – outdoor advertising, flyers, pamphlets & catalogs, branded merchandise and more.


What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your product offline? Share your old school marketing tips in the comments!



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