Checklist for creating and using your first lean canvas



Lean Canvas is the first step that you get into when you have an idea.

And, even when I collaborate with developers working on their side projects or some of the early startup projects, it’s not very uncommon that this step was not followed at all.

And, my work with them starts with creating a lean canvas, even when they have a product fully or almost fully developed.

This is because it helps us articulate and communicate different aspects of the business model effectively. And, more importantly, it helps us figure out the priority area for validation and testing quite efficiently.

Lean Canvas is not a new concept anymore and many developers would have read about it or watched videos. But yet, when the first lean canvas is created, the content in it doesn’t really reflect what the blocks are meant to be.

The problem is, the material available on understanding what needs to go under different blocks of a lean canvas, some nuances of working on a lean canvas, if taught face to face,  get missed out in reading material.

This checklist is an attempt to bridge this gap, to make the process of understanding how to create and use a lean canvas for a first timer, super easy.

You can download the checklist by subscribing to the list at this link here.

Final words

This is a work in progress and all possible feedback is solicited to make this checklist netter and more easy to use for developers and all first-time users.  You can send your suggestions, feedback, and queries to




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