How to get Product-Market Fit

As you guessed it correctly, there is a unique path for every company to get product-market fit.

But there are a few things that will help you get there.

Here is one advice from Marc Andreesen.

Do whatever is required to get to Product-Market fit. Including changing out people, rewriting your product, moving into a different market, raising money — whatever is required.

Changing teams, markets, products, names, and visions are all possible in pursuit of product-market fit. That’s the story of many companies: Instagram, Twitter — all radically changed course from their original plan to find Product-Market fit.

And, how do you find what you need to change? Talk to your customers. Yes, customer development is a core skill to developing product-market fit.


Don’t just look for analytics. The data can tell you what your customers do, but it can’t tell you why they do it.

When you talk to your prospects, you are treating them more on a human to human basis than just a “user” basis.  This creates a connection and an interest in them as “persons”.

When you have conversations with your prospects, you also get to know what messaging language would work for your target segment.

Today, it is the marketer’s job as much as anyone else’s to make sure Product-Market fit happens.

But rather than waiting for it to happen magically or assuming that this is some other department’s job, everyone needs to contribute to this process. Isolating who your customers are, figuring out their needs, designing a product that will blow their minds, just be in a continuous conversation with your customers.

Though in practice, it’s easier said than done.

But when it is done, it means that you’ve found a product and a market that wants it.

Did you find yours?


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