Startup traction channel: Sales



This blog article is based on the 3 Things This Week’s edition dated 9th August 2018. The theme of this edition is “startup traction channel – sales”, a must channel for enterprise startups and many consumer startups!

Sales is the process of generating leads, qualifying them, and converting them into paying customers. This channel is particularly useful for products that require interpersonal interaction before a purchase (often enterprise and expensive ones). That’s because hand-holding prospects can be necessary to turn prospects into real customers.

To get those first few customers, it’s important that you know how to build your sales funnel, and tactics you can use in common sales situations like cold calling.

Good first customers have a burning need to address a problem, are interested in your approach to solving their problem, and are willing to work with you closely. Cold calling should not be ruled out as a sales approach, especially when trying to find first customers. The goal of sales is building a repeatable sales model. An effective sales funnel has prospects enter at the top, qualifies these leads, and closes them effectively. To close sales effectively, get the buyer to commit to timelines based on specific actions being taken and met. At each point get an affirmative that you are on track to close. When designing your sales funnel, always keep in mind the perspective of the customer, especially in terms of reducing the complexity of the buying process

Here are this week’s 3 things:

Thing # 1: Breaking down the sales funnel metrics of our early-stage SaaS company.

This sale doesn’t come unexpectedly. It doesn’t materialize out of anywhere. It comes as a direct result of many phone calls made and many emails sent. Read this article to understand how an early funnel for a SAAS startup is building and how its funnel metrics look.  The key is to look at every area of your sales funnel to see where you can optimize to ultimately lower your payback period.

Thing #2: The Art of Cold Calling for Startups

Of all the sales techniques available cold calling is probably viewed as being the least popular by the general populous. Cold calls are often seen as a nuisance — an invasion of privacy and a waste of precious time. Why then, in an age of digital technology, automated email, social media marketing, and internet advertising would anyone in their right mind advocate startups engage in cold calling?  Read this article to get tips on how you can get better at making cold calls.

Thing #3: Sales for Startups

Check out a collection of tools to help you build the right connections and sell your product on this resource list of tools offered by makers on Product Hunt.

Have you used this channel for early traction building?



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