How much time do you need to get to Product-Market Fit in B2B?

Imagine you start a B2B business, get to Product-Market fit within the first 3 months, and like an Instagram, a WhatsApp or a Pinterest, business growth explodes in just 12 months. Sounds good?


In B2B businesses, it takes time to interview customers, build a MVP, validate a need and get to Product-Market fit. And usually, it’s a lot more time than the founders ever imagined…

Introduced in 2013 by entrepreneur Andrew Chen, TTPMF (Time to PMF) is what decides if your business succeeds or fails.

In his words, if your plan for TTPMF exceeds your funding runway, you’re dead. If your TTPMF is more than 1-2 years, your startup will implode: fatigue sets in, the window of opportunity shifts, investors get disengaged, team and employees start getting excited about other companies… you run out of money and energy. Not good.

In Minimize your Time to Product-Market Fit, Andrew Chen suggests copying the fundamentals of an existing business at Product-Market fit and changing 20%.

Many B2B founders believe you’ll fail if you don’t commit to spending 24 months to achieve initial traction.

If you are lucky, you might be there in 18 months.

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