How much time do you need to get to Product-Market Fit in B2B?

Imagine you start a B2B business, get to Product-Market fit within the first 3 months, and like an Instagram, a WhatsApp or a Pinterest, business growth explodes in just 12 months. Sounds good? In B2B businesses, it takes time to interview customers, build a MVP, validate a need and get to Product-Market fit. And usually,… Continue reading How much time do you need to get to Product-Market Fit in B2B?

4 Myths about Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit (PMF) means, being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. This is a rather vague definition. It gets even weirder – you can always feel when product/market fit isn’t happening. And you can always feel product/market fit when it’s happening. No wonder, there are several commonly believed but… Continue reading 4 Myths about Product-Market Fit

Product -Market Fit

  This blog article is based on the 3 Things This Week’s edition dated 23rd August 2018. The theme of this edition is “product-market fit”. Product/market fit has always been a fairly abstract concept making it difficult to know when you have actually achieved it.   Here are some definitions or interpretations of this term by… Continue reading Product -Market Fit

How to get Product-Market Fit

As you guessed it correctly, there is a unique path for every company to get product-market fit. But there are a few things that will help you get there. Here is one advice from Marc Andreesen. Do whatever is required to get to Product-Market fit. Including changing out people, rewriting your product, moving into a… Continue reading How to get Product-Market Fit